Skill is Beautiful – Sophie Christiansen

The success of a photoshoot depends on many things, the location, the athletes patience, the weather, but add the complication of a horse and it relies heavily on the skill of the photographer.

For this shoot with Sophie Christansen and Rio we used Lukasz Warzecha, Lukasz is used to shooting in challenging conditions in the great outdoors and up mountains, so he was well suited to capture the pair beautifully in limited time and with few second chances.

Both Sophie and Rio proved perfect subjects as the results show:
Click here to see the full shoot
Click here for a rights-free image*

Here’s Lukasz in action behind the scenes, many thanks to South Bucks RDA for allowing us use of their wonderful facility.

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Danielle Sellwood, WST

*Free access imagery is available to clubs, schools, universities and individuals and may not be used for commercial or editorial use.

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